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Shwetha Parthiban Honored as Best Celebrity Makeup Artist of Sandalwood by Actress Meghana Raj

Shwetha Parthiban is a dynamic and diversified professional with a unique blend of skills and experiences. Holding an MBA from CMR University, she has demonstrated her prowess in business management and corporate planning within the corporate sector. Beyond her corporate achievements, Shwetha has also carved a niche for herself as a Professional Makeup Artist, certified by the Airblack Beauty Club Academy.


Her journey from an Associate at a multinational corporation to leadership roles has seen her handle numerous projects, showcasing her ability to rise like a phoenix in the fashion industry. Shwetha’s passion has driven her to independently lead in the realms of makeup, beauty, and fashion, aspiring to engage, learn, and excel in a competitive world.

Recent Awards and Recognitions

VIP Award: Recognized for outstanding commitment and values in corporate work.

Indian Gem Achiever Award: Honored at YIFW.

Inspirational Award 2024: Awarded by IWHM.

Best Celebrity Makeup Artist of Sandalwood: Presented by actress Meghana Raj, a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication.


Professional Skills and Attributes

Shwetha possesses a distinctive acumen and integrative abilities as a Makeup Artist, adept at adapting to changing trends and delivering exceptional results. Her communication skills are a key aspect of her success, enabling her to conduct engaging makeup workshops and sessions that are easy for participants to grasp.


When it comes to work deliverables, Shwetha is known for being reliable, diverse, and flexible, consistently providing high-quality services to her clients. Her pursuit of excellence and strong work ethics, with client consent at the core, have become hallmarks of her professional approach.


Personal Interests and Future Aspirations

Outside of her professional life, Shwetha enjoys hosting Instagram sessions on makeovers, playing sports like tennis and throwball, practicing calligraphy, and dedicating time to social work. Looking ahead, she aims to establish a makeup academy, contribute to the fashion industry with quality services, and continue her social work endeavors.


Exciting Contest Announcement!

As a celebrated makeup artist, Shwetha is thrilled to announce the *”Glam Up with Shwetha” Contest*. This contest invites makeup enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and skills. Participants are encouraged to submit a video or photo of their best makeup look, inspired by Shwetha’s signature styles. The winners will receive:


1. Grand Prize: A one-on-one virtual makeup session with Shwetha Parthiban and a feature on her Instagram page.

2. Second Prize: A curated makeup kit with Shwetha’s favorite products.

3. Third Prize: Free access to an exclusive online makeup workshop conducted by Shwetha.


Stay tuned for more details and get ready to glam up!


Driven by the belief that “Good girls don’t make history, it’s the bold girls that make history,” Shwetha embodies a never-give-up attitude and takes full responsibility for her life’s journey. She is indeed a force to be reckoned with, continually inspiring others with her dedication and passion.